MCA Degree in One Year : Eligibility & Fees

Compete your MCA through Single Sitting Degree| Pursue MCA Degree in One Year

If you had to discontinue study at any point of time in your academic life after 12th, you can pursue Graduation & Post graduation degree in one year.

Cover your gap years and complete your degree in one year from UGC, DEB & MHRD accredited universities.


MCA degree in one year is an online learning course that helps complete graduation in one year through fast track mode. The objective of the course is to allow individuals who left or could not complete higher studies due to any unfavorable circumstances to cover their gap years.

MCA degree in one year program is a great option for those students who are looking to find a good job. It also opens up growth opportunities for students who are working professionals and looking for promotions. MCA one year degree is a convenient option for individuals who are involved in a job or business and want to do a degree in one sitting.


Eligibility for MCA Degree in One Year:

MCA Degree in One Year

For admission in MCA graduation in one year program, a student must have completed BCA or its equivalent examination from a recognized university/college/institute.

Also, being a fast track course, MCA one sitting degree requires the student to have “Gap Years”. Minimum two years gap from date of passing graduation till date.


Fees For MCA Degree in One Year Program:


MCA degree is generally a very affordable course and that is why most people opt for it. The total fees for MCA graduation in one year varies between 30,000 to 60,000 generally. However, the fees vary depending upon the quality of program delivery for every institution.


We provide admission to MCA degree in one year program through fast-track mode in Top Ranked Universities accredited by UGC, DEB & MHRD.


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