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LLB One Year Degree Program

Apply for LLB One Year Degree Program and save your gap years. Get enrolled in UGC & DEB approved universities.


LLB or Bachelor of Laws is the professional law degree acquired after completing an undergraduate education in the field of Law. Becoming a lawyer is not a piece of cake and the LLB course is very detailed and lengthy too. It often becomes almost impossible for working professionals to manage LLB with work.


For such students, many universities have initiated LLB One Year Degree Program where any paralegal working a full time job is allowed to complete their LLB in One year.  


Is LLB One Year Degree Valid?


LLB one year program is absolutely valid and acceptable for government and private sectors. However, one should have LLB degree from a top university that adds value to their curriculum vitae. Candidates with an LLB degree can apply for various job profiles depending upon the sector they want to serve.


There are a number of fields in LLB programs in various law sectors such as:


Business Law

Mercantile Law

Land Law

Criminal Law

Civil Law

Medical Jurisprudence


Some universities also allow students to develop their own specialized LLB programs specific to their professional interests.


Scope Of LLB One Year Degree Program


Law is a field of education that has always been a popular choice. Only a Lawyer can occupy an office in all the three organs of the government (i.e) Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary. Besides, after completion of the LLB one year degree program. Given below is a list of career options a Lawyer must explore:


Criminal Lawyer

Civil Litigation Officer

Legal Analyst

Document Drafting Lawyer

Legal Advisor

Government Lawyer


Legal Practitioner/ Advocate

Legislative Council

Legal Journalist



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